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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

+34 922 713 333 - ext 887


A modest project, for a single-family house,  towards the street but that opens its “wings” to unfold majestically towards the landscape. On a 1600 m² plot, a detached house of 500 m² built and 300 m² basement plus 200 m² is implanted in a future phase. In just 50 meters, the plot descends 10 meters of unevenness. In response to the abruptness of its topography, and with the firm intention of integrating itself as much as possible into its surrounding landscape, a series of terraces are generated where the building can be settled. These new platforms are used to house a large part of the program which, in its burial, takes advantage of the thermal inertia of the terrain, saving on air conditioning. The entire project is oriented to the south-west looking for the best views towards the sea and the sunset, behind the island of La Gomera. The aerial part is divided into three areas connected by a double height access atrium. There are two “wings” on the upper floor. The adult “wing” with an en-suite bedroom and an office. And the children’s “wing” with two other en-suite bedrooms. The basement or public part houses a space for guests with an en-suite bedroom, a living room and a kitchen-dining room fully open to the outdoor barbacue and porch of the pool . It also includes an indoor pool with a bathroom where you can access the outdoor pool as an exclusive.


Detached house in Caldera del Rey.




Caldera del Rey, Costa Adeje, Tenerife (España)