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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

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Water Plug-In

Colón Guanahani is a hotel with a clientele, mostly foreign and repeating. Its owner, Rafael Adrián, asked us what else can be offered to these loyal customers and at the same time meet more current demands to attract tourists to the Canary Islands?The answer was the insertion of new uses related to water. A small Spa and a gazebo pool are the opportunity to renew the image of a hotel from the 80s.

The intervention aims to create great contrasts between the old and the new. The accent is put on the roundness of its shapes and the choice of current materials with a great visual impact.

The Spa, a large cylindrical volume, takes advantage of an underused space under the main living room-terrace. As if it were a cave, it digs where it can, generating corners of relaxation. To emphasise that feeling, it relies on the use of circular figures that shape jacuzzis and windows. In contrast, as if it were a flying saucer, the gazebo pool opens to the sky, resting on the existing building. Two prisms with sharp edges make up the pool and the panoramic elevator. Two opposing strategies in its implementation but that harmoniously dialogue in the use of materials and the will to integrate elegantly into the hotel. In this way, an offer that was already excellent was improved.



Adrian Hoteles


Refurbishment of the Hotel Colón Guanahani 4*, Adrian Hoteles


Costa Adeje, Tenerife (España)