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The “New” San Martin hospital is located at a strategic connection point between four neighbourhoods in Las Palmas. The creation of the Museum of Fine Arts of Gran Canaria is an opportunity to endow the place with a multifunctional space open to both visitors and the inhabitants of Vegueta. To improve the immediate environment, an access plaza is created with a bus stop and parking for disabled people. Under it, the underground parking is located removing the image of vehicles. A new passage-plaza will cross the whole complex, connecting the upper neighbourhoods with the lower part. The aim is to open the building and provide a space for visitors to the museum and residents of the neighbourhood. Added to the plaza are new public facilities such as the 24-hour library and rehearsal rooms for local Murgas. As well as services for the elderly from the reception center and DEAC workshops for the little ones. The actions on the existing building are limited to cleaning and clarifying volumes, prioritising respect for original elements of value. The substitution of the old bakery for the deposit of works of art on the rear façade allows the widening of Calle Real de San Juan, improving circulation and locating the large loading dock for works of art. Questioning the need for a large auditorium in the museum, a room of a more modest scale is proposed that could be executed in a final phase. The demolition of the stairs in the north courtyard clarifies and allows accessibility to currently inaccessible rooms. The finishes of the set will be discreet and will only present colour in specific areas to highlight the newness of the original part.



Museum of Fine Arts at the San Martin Hospital, Gran Canaria




Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria (España)