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Downtown Q

Canberra seeks to convert the sleeping city of Queaenbeyan into a new nerve and recreation center by the river. To do this, it is committed to the mix of uses and the reorganisation of circulations in order to achieve a more friendly environment for pedestrians. Thus, commerce, leisure and housing will coexist effectively and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The public space is disordered and neglected, practically destined for the circulation of vehicles. It is intended to rank it according to size, flow and use. Give priority to the pedestrian by creating a public space according to its function. Monaro Street, the main street, will have generous sidewalks to facilitate pedestrian traffic and encourage commerce. The “lanes” will be light passages that communicate quickly, encouraging the population to cross them. And the squares are huge spaces where multiple activities take place, great places where you can also stop and breathe. Cars are relocated from the back of buildings to new, more efficient and accessible street-level parking. Once done, it will convert these areas into three new thematic squares for the city. Some perimeter frames for the squares emphasise its character and create a pedestrian corridor between it and the rest of the blocks, a new ring of activity at street level where the limits of the blocks are clearly delimited, aligning the façades and increasing the density towards the streets. Regarding the existing building, demolished buildings or buildings with incompatible uses are demolished. The gaps are filled with flexible typologies respecting the modulation of the existing plot and improving ventilation and natural light conditions thanks to the patios. Finally, access to the river is key. Moving the road and the parking lots by the river under the new building, creating a new green promenade along the river, frequently connected to the new, completely open, commercial area that runs in parallel.


The new Downtown of Queaenbeyan


1er PREMIO Concurso Downtown de Queaenbeyan


Queaenbeyan, Camberra (Australia)