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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

+34 922 713 333 - ext 887


The Hotel Jardines de Nivaria in the 90s is surrounded by tropical gardens and kidney-shaped pools. In a residual space between party walls, the new closing piece has been placed. A SPA turned inside offering a temple for relaxation. The triangular shape of the site leaves only one corner for the main façade. This unique façade is conceived as a continuous skin that folds towards the interior marking the entrance to the building, where large floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors and the pavement of the plaza entering the volume of the reception emphasise the exterior-interior connection. The wet area is announced in the patio of the sensation showers thanks to the strong brightness of the sun that returns reflecting on a greysite surface of caramel color as a background image. In the center, large walls interrupted by three openings as accesses configure a room filled with water. Its weight is questioned when forming a continuous perimeter groove through which the water overflows, it seems that the walls float in the air. Silence is achieved with an absorbent ceiling decorated with motifs of primitive paintings found in Canary caves. An open-air patio in continuity with the pool houses the jet treatments. The upper part of the massage rooms is accessed through a warm paneled wooden hallway tinted by the intense light that draws the strict rhythms of the windows.


Refurbishment Hotel Jardines de Nivaria*****




Costa Adeje, Tenerife (España)