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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

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The proposal responds to the climatic conditions of the place, enhancing the attractiveness and value of the native landscape. Strong winds, water shortage, high humidity and high sun exposure.

On the west side, noise and visuals from the airport force us to further reinforce that barrier with a linear dune park along the canal. These dunes channel the wind, promoting the venturi effect in the area of the wind turbines. And, thanks to their height, they make a kinder border, erasing the airport fence from sight.

In the center, a large  crater protected from the wind, forms the Oasis, the most optimal place for moisture-collecting towers. Around the edges, the Shadow Band is generated, an activity tape with elements of protection and solar capture.

On the east side, the density of the urban fabric makes access difficult, and in the south, the IES blockade complicates the connection to the sea. To solve it, we generated three access doors to three squares that serve as a drain for the large park.

The final image is the result of inspiration on the island itself, an inhabited crater and a productive landscape. Dune image, volcanic landscape, endemic xerophytic vegetation and materials of the place. The land to form the dune edge is the one we extract to form the great central oasis.


AHONDA: Strategies for the formation of an oasis

3er PRIZE:

Urban Park in Playa Honda


Playa Honda, Lanzarote (España)