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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

+34 922 713 333 - ext 887


New water park at the five-star Roca Nivaria hotel.The whole set has bright colours to encourage play. The intervention activates an old underused sports area and a theater. The end result is four areas for family leisure. First, we demolish the stage that divided the areas physically and visually. On the existing stands, the first area unfolds, a large coloured carpet in the shade with multiple games.

Slides, ropes and climbing walls take advantage of the slope, integrating the sinuous shapes into the game. To connect this area with the water park, towers and hanging footbridges have to be crossed. A large volcano spits the water slides connecting with the pool area. This performance allows us to finish off the scene and mitigate the presence of the back wall. The new pool is located on the only possible surface, the ground surface that was not on the existing building. At its feet the solarium unfolds, completing the terrace area facing the sea. Finally, there is the toddler area under a large, winding wooden pergola that leads you to the bar. The last piece of the set with spectacular views.


Water park and playground




Playa Paraíso, Adeje, Tenerife (España)