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The new district is located in an opportunity to develop the shore of the only mountainous islands in the center of Salzburg and the urban fabric, the natural and the urban. Rainberg Park completes the mountainous area and begins a promenade facing the mountain with social infrastructure, cultural center, commercial offer, and a residential area. Inside, there is a sequence of spaces with different degrees of exposure: the Riedenburger Platz, which is animated by shops, the Riedenburger Festhof center with the district house, and three quieter interior spaces. With the park set of open spaces and the five interior spaces, the location in the traffic axes is compensated: each house is located in an attractive direction of open space, whose quality is increased by the concept of the passage. There is a large internal network of walks, where there are community facilities and access to houses, increasing the identity of the neighbourhood and optimising local pedestrian connections. Access from the west is received through the festival courtyard and is V-shaped to major connection points in the north and southeast. An additional crossing in the central area strengthens the integration of the Almkanal. The diagonal is the  main route: it connects the school with important public transport stops  and animates the interior of the district without disturbing the privacy.


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Riedenburgkaserme, Salzburg (Austria)