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CARRÉE Atzsgersdorf

The new Atzsgersdorf neighbourhood is delimited by a clear but permeable border that frames the Carrée and gives the neighbourhood an address. To access, attractive transitions are created, characterised by elements of the landscape. In the north, the small forest along Atzgersdorfer Straße connects with the continuation of green areas in the east. In the south, the “extension” of the Bruno Mopurgo park, and to the west, the bays of the track park with access to the proposed bike highway. The densification principles integrate the height and scale of the suburbs in the development of typologies. Compact conglomerate formations create a significant district, the quality of which goes far beyond the ‘settlement character’ of pure residential areas.

Green roofs also allow recreation areas on the upper floors. Height differentiation is therefore an integral part of the typological development. Three taller buildings (max. 35m) set selective accents along the Scherbangasse. This street acts as an important urban streak.

Community facilities necessary for the entire area will be concentrated throughout its course. Finally, a smart city is proposed. The synergy between sites on which urban development is based is intended to enable a ‘micro grid’ in the sense of a local energy supply with sustainable energy sources.


Collaboration with the City of Vienna


Studio Vlay


Atzsgersdorf, Viena (Austria)