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The panoramic spiral responds in an exemplary way to the challenge of urban development to generate connected and integrated urban development projects, and at the same time its formal potential has an iconic and corporate character. The spiral glides effortlessly over obstacles and intertwines the areas of this island plot surrounding a central and quiet place. The program and the intrinsic logic of non-directionality give coherence to excessive fragmentation: the panoramic spiral leads in and out, floor and ceiling, use and free space move together. The staging of an expanded landscape experience is an essential part of the history of highway construction. The panoramic spiral addresses the subject in a contemporary way and presents an urban experience of open space in slow motion. ASFINAG could become the sponsor of this prospective synergy of infrastructure and freedom. Surrounding counterclockwise, crossing above and below the ground one “plays” precisely in relation to the topographical situation. The slope and the starting point are coordinated so that the two can fork exactly at the right height. In this way, the university, the park and the stadium can be interwoven without barriers with a single gesture.




Second Prize


Studio Vlay


Favoriten, Viena (Austria)