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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

+34 922 713 333 - ext 887

Rincón de La Victoria

The building is located in the Urban center of Rincón de la Victoria, in one of the few unconsolidated lots on the seafront.The proposal consists of a block of 14 apartments with commercial premises that continues and volumetrically consolidates the elevation of the seafront, with a building body and strips of terraces executed in different contrasting materials, to accentuate and highlight the horizontality of said front. The idea arises to organise the apartments around a central core of stairs, in order to maximise the surface area of the façade and the views of the sea. Thus, no home is left without views.

The design has large front windows to the south, with continuity of flooring between interior and exterior, so that the exterior spaces are an extension of the interiors. Likewise, a transparency is sought that allows looking at the sea from almost all points of the apartment. We prescribe window frames embedded in the floor for the same purpose. As an advantage, the building body opens further south, reducing exposure to the noisier north façade. In addition, the building is equipped with a plinth with its own architectural entity to locate commercial premises that, thanks to the large glass panels, have a total interior-exterior relationship. The latter appears to be an extension of the interior towards the promenade and the sea.


Camino del Rincón S.L.




Rincón de La Victoria, Málaga (España)