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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

+34 922 713 333 - ext 887


The first intention is to rethink the concept of a shopping center looking for a link between a purely commercial work and the field. A large agrarian infrastructure that provides service to the farmer, the habitual consumer and a national distribution center. The place where it is implanted is a vast flat land without references, so much so that the view is lost on the horizon. An element is created that scales and at the same time allows existing activity and seasonal change to continue to occur. The latter is taken as a design parameter of the complex. Thus, the soil adopts a changing aptitude so as not to interrupt the passage of the fields under it, avoiding damaging them. The accesses take place in the few points where the building dares to touch the ground to take root like the trees. Massive bridge piles support this lightweight steel infrastructure. The program includes a supermarket, a DIY garden, a flower market, a nursery and a market. The whole complex takes place inside, outside, above and below the building itself. In an impeccable communion of architecture and landscape.

Academic Study:

Diploma, USP CEU




Costa ballena, Rota (España)