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C/ Londres, 1, Costa Adeje, Tenerife - Spain

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Dracaena Draco

Housing settled on an extract of lava discharged into the ocean. The privileged location on the sunniest coast of Tenerife and with La Gomera in the background meant that, from the beginning, every action was focused on creating an elevated viewpoint. A sequence of three ways to Look at the Sea was designed. The most dynamic one begins with a glass walkway suspended between the house’s façade and a red stone wall from La Gomera that guides the access promenade to the lobby. The route crosses a Canarian patio as an extension of the endemic vegetation of the main façade with the Drago, which gives the house its name and marks the starting point. The planters and the truncated conical structure on which the house sits are built with bush-hammered black concrete that dialogues with the volcanic landscape of the place. The second strategy is to extend the gaze, a permeable construction where the inside and the outside are confused. This is achieved with a large 4.6 meter window that runs behind the viewpoint in the lobby without leaving a trace. Finally, a static contemplative gaze. From the niche-viewpoint, the typical Canarian bench next to the window is reinterpreted with a contemporary air.


Refurbishment singl-family housing

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Playa San Juan, Tenerife