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The architecture has a clear spirit of society service. In that sense it contributes in the way it improves people quality life at every level. The flexibility and versatility are essential for each project efficiency in a world that demands constant reprogramming aspects.
It is therefore essential to rethink the variables that have been given as valid in order to find new and better solutions, adding knowledge creation and looking beyond the recent future.
We are a team with an international vocation, seeking new markets, collaborations and exchanges abroad. We need to feed us from other cultures and learn differents ways of creation. In a world where tecnological advances are getting us closer and closer, where distances are more relative than ever.
However, it is necessary to maintain a commitment to the safety of the several agents involved in the works and consistent implementation of systems availables to avoid possible risks.
ImpulsARQ has the commitment to reconciling work and personal life, for the development of a career plan for constant education …

Julian Adrian Ruera

CEO, Architect

Ruth Tortosa Esquembre

Architect, Landscape architect

Looking forward…

Ricardo García Navia


I want to be the next one!